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Femtech india

A celebration of women in technology and innovation. Engage in inspiring talks, workshops, and networking sessions led by industry leaders. Explore the future of Femtech and empower yourself in a supportive community.

1. Spotlight on FemTech X FOGSI

NOVember 2023
Mumbai, India.

FemTech India showcased India’s FemTech landscape at FEMMTEK-IV, part of the FOGSI Presidential Conference by the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) and Mumbai Obstetric and Gynaecological Society. The event featured a panel discussion on “Advancements in Women’s Health Technology,” where we collaborated with ecosystem founders to delve into the latest innovations in the field.


NOVember 2023
Mumbai, India.

We hosted the first FemTech Mixer in Mumbai at Jolie’s members club, in collaboration with Aditya Birla Group X FemTech India. The event showcased FemTech founders from our ecosystem, celebrating the intersection of women’s health and technology. The evening included a panel discussion offering insights into how FemTech is reshaping the landscape in the digital era, marking a significant step towards fostering innovation and collaboration in this dynamic space.

3.FemTech India Partners with Women’s Golf Fest for Health Advocacy

September 2023
Bangalore, India.

Women’s Golf Fest to Champion Women’s Health On and Off the Golf Course. FemTech India partnered with the Women’s Golf Fest to advocate for women’s health, extending its impact beyond the golf course. The collaboration aims to integrate discussions, initiatives, and advancements in women’s health within the vibrant context of Women’s Golf Fest. Through this association, FemTech India seeks to empower women in both sporting and health domains, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

4. Hormonal Healing Soiree’

September 2023
Bangalore, India.

Mumbai’s holistic wellness startup, Femved, has extended its reach to Bangalore in collaboration with FemTech India. To mark PCOS Awareness Month, FemTech India and FemVed Wellness joined forces to host an enlightening evening centred around Ayurvedic insights into PCOS and hormonal wellness. The session concluded with a serene sound bath workshop led by our yoga expert, providing attendees with a holistic approach to well-being.

5.FemTech India Book Launch

September 2023
Bangalore, India.

We introduced the first FemTech book, designed to illuminate the FemTech ecosystem and landscape. Packed with market insights, expert perspectives, founder interviews, and industry projections, this book aims to spotlight the advancements in women’s health technology. The launch was complemented by the first-ever FemTech founder’s meetup, fostering collaboration and dialogue within this innovative and dynamic sector.

6. G20 Digital (DIA) Summit

August 2023
Bangalore, India.

The event brought together delegates from 29 countries, including policymakers, business leaders, technocrats, young innovators, and investors, all converging to showcase the advancements in AgriTech, HealthTech, and EdTech sectors. The summit served as a platform for fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and insightful policy discussions among G20 member nations and guest countries.

7.Egg Freezing Empowerment powered by FemTech India

June/July 2023
Bangalore, India.

India’s First Egg Freezing Drive, An initiative breaking barriers and fostering open dialogues on this progressive choice for modern women. Reflect on empowering talks, expert panels, and interactive workshops that explore the many facets of egg freezing.

8. The Inaugural MedFemTech Congress

MAY 2023
PAris, france.

FemTech India shines at MedFemTech Congress, Paris! Our founder, Navneet Kaur, an esteemed advisor, spotlighted India’s FemTech advancement, advocating women’s health. With a focus on driving engagement, we aimed to enhance Indian ecosystem engagement, involvement, and investment.

9.International Women’s Day 2023

March 2023
Bangalore, India.

On International Women’s Day, we hosted our largest event yet, bringing together over 200 women to empower and promote women’s health. The gathering aimed to raise awareness about FemTech in India, emphasizing its pivotal role in advancing women’s well-being. This significant occasion underscored our commitment to fostering a community that prioritizes women’s health and celebrates the impact of FemTech on the lives of women across the nation.

10. Bringing awareness to PCOS & brain health

November 2022
Bangalore, India.

The event was focused on sharing valuable information about PCOS and brain HEALTH. The group discussion was led by our advisor on board, Dr  Shabnam Das Kar with her thought-provoking and inspiring presentation, which inspired us all to take a holistic approach to health.

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