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~A bit about us~

Femtech india

Leading the FemTech Revolution in India!

India’s leading platform for driving innovation and collaborations in the FemTech space. Launched in September 2022, It is India’s first and largest industry network of founders, individuals, professionals, and investors, making it a hub for innovation, collaboration, and community-building in the FemTech space.

As a leader in the FemTech industry, FemTech India offers an extensive array of services and resources designed to empower and embolden entrepreneurs. These offerings encompass specialized consulting services, facilitation of funding access, guidance for market entries, in-depth research, impactful mentorship programs, enlightening educational workshops, curated events, and invaluable networking avenues connecting visionaries with industry experts and potential investors.

Centered on women’s health and well-being, FemTech India stands as a leading voice in the realm of FemTech. Embracing a comprehensive perspective of the industry, it acknowledges the vital role of discourse within the FemTech domain. This objective is realized through engaging community events, insightful podcasts, regular newsletters, and an extensive resource repository, all of which collectively position FemTech India at the vanguard of the field. Embracing an ethos of inclusivity and support, FemTech India warmly welcomes individuals and FemTech enterprises to unite in their shared mission of propelling innovation and effecting meaningful change, both within India and on a global scale.

Meet our


our vision

Shaping a brighter future, we envision becoming the leading provider of business support services and strategic guidance for Femtech companies. We are dedicated to empowering a diverse range of individuals, including founders, innovators, investors, and professionals, by facilitating connections, encouraging collaboration, and offering opportunities for upskilling. Our mission fosters a lively hub for advancing women’s health innovation, driving industry change, and advocating gender diversity in tech and healthcare.

Our Mission

FemTech India exists to inspire entrepreneurs to lead in women’s health innovation. Our mission at FemTech India is to help build a more equitable and accessible future for women’s health in India and beyond. We believe that by supporting and empowering FemTech entrepreneurs, we can make a significant impact on women’s lives worldwide.

Our Advisors

Krupa Suthar

Member, Advisor On Board

Susan Stover

Member, Advisor on Board

Karan Joseph

Member, Advisor on Board

Dr. Shabnam Das Kar

Member, Advisor on Board

Sujeet Katiyar

Member, Advisor on Board

Ritam Priya

Member, Advisor on Board

Our Mentors

Sudha Kheterpal

Global Pitch Coach

Jérôme Michaud

Business Coach

Sapna Rao

Consumer Health Strategy

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